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We help professional service companies get quality leads through online marketing, and online review management.

Discover our 3-step Rocketkit Process, which will bring you to your desired situation in the best possible way:


The launchpad

Where should the journey lead to and where does the shoe pinch?

We don't want to offer you marketing solutions without having a deep understanding of what you really want and what your business actually needs. At Rocketkit your journey starts with a free discovery call - the Launch Pad. This helps us find out where the shoe pinches, what your desired situation looks like and if we are a good fit. On top of that, we provide initial ideas for you and examples with which we were able to help our customers achieve their desired situation.


πŸš€ More (qualified) leads
πŸš€ Overcome performance plateaus
πŸš€ More time to take a breath
πŸš€ More profit, higher utilization
πŸš€ Persistent lead flow
πŸš€ Less scattering losses



Understand your company and your target group in order to plan the right measures

After we have figured out where to go, in phase 2 - the Flight Plan - we dive deep into your company, your competition and your target group. In this phase we will uncover untapped potential and hidden hurdles and see how your competition is set up.

The goal of this phase is to know exactly where you stand and, above all, what you need to do to achieve your desired situation. Based on this, we create a high-impact action plan that includes suitable marketing measures from our three service categories (see further below) that have the greatest leverage, which means they tackle your most important bottleneck, and best suit you.

An (optional) part of the flight plan is feedback-based customer research - our secret weapon. It helps you understand what drives your customers' buying decisions and what words they use to describe their needs. This gives us input for your advertising texts and content. So you never have to ask yourself what exactly you should write in order to convince your dream customers.

🎯 Potential analysis and audit

🎯 Feedback-based customer research

🎯 Competitor analysis

 πŸŽ― High-impact action plan



Transform your business with high-impact OPC measures

After identifying where to start in phase 2, the Take-Off now means professionally implementing the action plan and transforming your business. For this we put together a program with highly effective measures from our three service categories (Organic traffic, Paid traffic and Conversion), that hit exactly the right spots to bring you to your desired situation.

Each measure is accompanied by transparent reporting so that you can see in black and white what success the measure has brought and how high the return on investment was.

Organic Traffic

​Local SEO

Position yourself as an authority and get found regularly by people from your region who are interested in your service.


β€’ Google Maps Optimization

β€’ Search Engine Optimization

β€’ Reputation Management

Paid Traffic

​Paid Advertising

Tap into new target groups and increase your customer inquiries predictably, with ads along the entire customer journey

β€’ Facebook, Instagram, Google

β€’ Influencer Marketing

β€’ Retargeting / Remarketing


Web Development

Convert prospects & website visitors with convincing websites and scheduling processes into pre-qualified inquiries.

β€’ Websites & Landing Pages

β€’ Chatbots & Automation

β€’ Conversion Rate Optimization

Rocketkit behind the scenes

Rocketkit is a consultancy and agency for digital marketing and digitalization with the mission to transform the customer acquisition of regional service providers into the digital age - for more profit, better customers and more time to take a breath.

In order to help customers internationally, our location is independent (our company is based in Germany). This means that our team consists of selected freelance experts and works exclusively remotely. This means we are flexible for you, can pass on lower fixed costs and work where we enjoy it - so we always do our best work πŸ’ͺ. Nevertheless, you always have a personal go-to person and enjoy customer service that answers inquiries within 24 hours.

David Lux, M.Sc.


Fabian Langer, B.Sc *


Chris Dettinger*


Viktor Weber, M.Sc.*


Gianluca Morra*


+70  Partners


*Brilliant partners from our network

Our talents and partners are:

What our clients say about us


Rocketkit has created a new website for me. They had a very good sense of what suits me. I particularly liked the smooth cooperation - everything went quickly and easily. The tutorial video that David created for the website is great. Thank you very much and gladly again at any time. 

Susanne Grebe, Recruitment Consultant


Professional implementation of my ideas, friendly and fast customer service, I am very satisfied with the result! Who would have thought that simply optimizing the Google listing would have such a big impact. Thanks a lot!me. 

Thomas Primke, Psychotherapist


David from Rocketkit has been looking after me for a while now in terms of online marketing for my practice. I particularly appreciate the mixture of competent advice and personal contact. Together with the fair and flexible cooperation and David's ambition, Rocketkit is a great partner for me.

Britta Harms, Alternative Practitioner


"We have had conversations with many partners for online marketing and conversion rate optimization through the years and whether it was unrealistic promises or our sense that nobody truly took the time to understand our business and its nuances, we never moved forward. Enter Rocketkit and what started as a very small project has blossomed into a full-blown program that has paid for itself many times over. David not only took the time to understand our business but took it upon himself to research our business and industry to understand what was and was not working both with our site and with our competitors. David's mantra is "test, test, test" and his gentle guidance and insight have made him an invaluable partner to our business. We look forward to continuing our efforts with Rocketkit."

Ryan Zagata, E-Commerce Owner

Current projects and designs

Design - Ulrich FrΓ€bel, Consultant

Design - Thomas Primke, Psychotherapeut

Ergebnisse Google Maps Optimierung / Lokale SEO

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